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as they left, employees declined to speak to us. mike called his survival the beginning of a second life. the bullet went through his arm missed bone. he's not suffered loss of feeling or movement. and thank you very much. the police officer in a man were hospitalized after suching over the officer's gun this morning just after 10:30 on lee avenue. the officer responded to a call about suspicious activity. so he was saying he heard three successive shots and then there was a fight over pistol. the man grabbed a gun and ran. another officer fired at the suspect taken into custody z no one was actually shot just the gun was fired. and this officer and suspect were treated for injury autos a candle light vigil is getting underway in the scene of a deadly shooting last week. six people were shot, three died. here are two of the three victims killed. a 16-year-old and a 23-year-old and abc 7's nick smith joins us now. >> and this is about 15 minutes ago family members and friends have been arriving and friends started to gather, you can see they've started to lay flowers and light candle
businesses are sending a message to a couple biggest banks in the country and abc 7 joins us from san jose with the story. >> we're outside city hall, and occupy san jose has a small presence here and there is a unity group laumpbling its own economic strategy. members lined up to send a message to big bank autos today i stand here with the community and in my nine-year rip. >> i am moving $150,000 from wells fargo to a credit union. >> and bank of america, enough. >> a community group is laumpbling the strategy as a way to pressure banks into increasing loan modifications. this church says it's closing two accounts with bank of america and moving $3 million in account activity to a credit union. >> the word spreads. the word will spread. >> bank of america issued a statement to abc 7 saying it was sorry ask surprised to hear the church is unhappy and went on to note it's modified 193,000 mortgages in california since the housing crisis began. as it gains momentum, this group is convinced that this can have an impact on changing policy. >> i feel like they're using my money are not closing
the camps. they destroyed people's properties. they had no reason to do that. >> i saw police using force against citizens. for what? coming here to discuss problem autos the action did intend use of tear gas and rounds. >> there is one that's deployed in order to affect an arrest in an area where we were being pelted with rocks and bottles and kitchen utensils. >> the raids began at 4:30. hundreds of police officers from several agencies warned pro heesters to leave, then removed those who stayed. >> i packed up and left. i saw cops coming and knew we didn't have a chance. >> and those who worked close to city hall were told to delay arriveal. >> nobody can afford to miss a day of work in this economy. >> once police and protesters were gone, crews moved to clean up personal items and tons of garbage left in their wake. city officials made it clear camping will no longer be tolerated and say the plaza will be a place for free speech. >> this city remains committed to free speech as well as public health and safety. >> and we're back live here at 14th and broadway this, is the view lookin
. the american-born cleric considered the most-dangerous man in the world by u.s. intelligence officials claiming he was in direct contact with the fort hood shooter before 2009 massacre, and he personally advised the so called under wear bomber who tried to blow up a u.s. headliner flying to detroit. he had internet savvy to attract recruits. >> the death is a major blow to al qaeda's most active operational affiliates. he was the leader of external operations for al qaeda in the ararin peninsula. that role he took the lead in planning and directing efforts to murder innocent americans. >> the strike was the biggest u.s. success in have a good nighting al yaed leadership since killing osama bin laden in may. the death may be controversial. he was an american citizen who had not been charged with crimes. >> expects charged with last year's shooting death of a german tourist will not face the death penalty. the district attorney made that announcement official today and announced suspect, five men and a 17-year-old boy who was being tried as an adult were indicted by a grand jury on tuesday. >> th
seeing home comings but it's something i never got. many of us never got. people need to remember that. remember us. >> and every time i talk with karen and others they express gratitude of how many americans embraced their soldiers regardless of how they feel about this conflict. >> thank you very much. and the war with iraq never gained favor with american public from the onset. the recent gallup poll shows 66% opposed it. 71% supported removeal of u.s. combat troops in august, 2010. and people are also talking about the end of the war on facebook and says what about afghanistan? can we get this draw down started? brian says i'll believe whit i see it, jeff adds there is one way to trim the budget. and you can join the conversation with us on facebook. >> a chinl chapter being written for 10 u.s. air men missing since world war imt i. last year we told you dna was used to identify these men, today, the defense department announced they'll be buried nogt a single casket next wednesday. and they died in 1944. their aircraft crashed in a bombing mission near berlin. >> unemployment figu
they're not sharing with us. they're crediting tips from the public and investigators' use of social media to piece together what happened. >> a lot of yellow tape. and there is an suv still there. bodies on the ground. >> sheri lynn says images of what she saw will haunt her. >> it wasn't a good scene. >> six individuals were struck by gunfire. the spray would claim the lives of three. this 23-year-old from oakland. a 16-year-old from san leandro and a 19-year-old. whose father issued this plea. >> i'm just appealing to everyone there if you saw anything, please call police and help us solve this crime. that is my only child. >> today, the police are actively investigating the shooting they say occurred with when a group of people walked out of this building. >> we're trying to follow up on permit ask coning issues. >> according to investigators there were no permits issued or licenses given to host the party that had been advertised and say this park is not zoned for what they now believe was a crowd exceeding 100 people. >> all resources now are working to solve this. and... findi
is on the move taking over both plaza outside city hall, now, snow park near lake merit. laura anthony joins us live with the splintered message and growing problems. laura? >> that is right. the mayor told us her approach is to this encampment here downtown and that smaller one. there are concerns here about everything from rats to fire hazards. the mayor said she'll be patient. oakland city officials took a stroll and to assess conditions. >> there are issues raised in terms of public health safety and vandalism. those things z making requests to what they need to do to address those issue autos still, the campers are violating a host stiff codes. and involving the tents themselves. dogs inside of the camp. and pot smoking and as it appears in this case, having a large amount of marijuana stashed inside one tent. one organizer told abc 7 this press conference moved inside due to concerns about marijuana smoke wafting through the air. >> this, the mayor denies there are serious threats with the camp. >> i haven't seen that. and you know, i think you have bad people in any particular group. i d
after police raided occupiers at justin herman plaza. vic lee joins us from san francisco with the story. vic? >> there is concensus last night. police had a physical confrontation with protestors today it's been peaceful. they say they'll march down here for another rally. but i can tell you this, there is a lot of anger directed at police for tearing down this encampment last night. >> we've had complaints other members of the group are frightening. >> police chief told a small group outside city hall this morning that he was concerned about violent fringe elements hijacking the peaceful protest. and last night, protestors blocked streets and surrounded trucks and vans carrying possessions. someone stabbed a tire. all of this was in reaction to police action earlier in the evening. and about 10:30 police in riot gear began tearing down tents and tarps in the back by occupiers and forcibly removed dozens of people in the streets. five were arrested. >> this is my hand and my finger, swollen. >> this protestor showed us his finger says was almost broken by an officer. >> they raised thei
properties to make the case that empty housing should be used to house homeless. and we're live with more on the fast moving protests. >> we saw some action just a few minutes ago. san francisco pd closed gehry for a few minutes so they went inside of the vacant hotel and began removing banners and other belongings. they were sure that some were inside that hotel. they were not sure home. we want to show video taken just a short time ago of police in riot gear moving in. about 20 moved from back of the bill together front and police told me those inside were going to be arrested for trespassing. and who are they? the group is called homes not jails and earlier, the unit went inside another hotel holding nonlethal weapons and bolt cutters. after a three hour search they found no one. police were sure some members were at the hotel. and they, too, abandoned the building before police got here, we talked to an organizer of the group. >> this plan going forward is to occupy for as long as it's available to us and to keep it open for others that the need housing and shelter. for as long as pos
told us she's taking a day by day approach to this growing tent city. health inspectors i'm told will be taking tours and going through to see what conditions exist. but at this point there is no clear plan fwou leave the campers, and tents, alone. >> and there is doctors expect scott olsen, the iraqi war veteran injured to make a full recovery. they continue to monitor speech problems. the 24-year-old hit in the head by a projectile during violent clashes and suffer aid fractured skull and having trouble speaking because of the pressure the injury caused on his brain. doctors say he's alert and understands what people are telling him. >> the occupy oakland protesters seeing a show of support from egypt. during a large demonstration in cairo today, a small group broke off and made their way to us us embassy. they carried sign that's read to occupy oakland. one case, one goal. also used a hash tag for occupy oakland. >> occupy san jose protesters staging a march now. this is video just a short time ago of about 20 in front of city hall plaza. police officers removed several camera
's no such thing as a bio d degradeable bottle. they rprohibit the use of the word awe with plastic bottles. >> smaller pieces don't provide any environmental benefit. >> they reluctantly may change the bottle supplier despite a strong belief in enzo's research. >> we are presented with credible and strong evidence from enso. >> the other water company says independent tests concluded the bottle is biodegradable and would never make false claims because of the strong environmental quality. >>> coming up 7 on your side michael finney shows how many workers are throwing away free money being offered by employers. >> fire crews taking fire boarding seriously. >> gusty winds and low humidity in the hills keeping the fire danger up. what is going down tonight? temperatures i will show you how cold it's about to get. >> also here at 5 putting cancer screenings to the test. there >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. oo he came back to his room to find the ipad messing. he used the locator feature and the map said it was still in town and at the home of the hotel made. the mad
? >> no. from california and used to earthquake autos this is a big one. >> any damage? >> i hope not. >> and now there is no problem getting to the tunnel this appears to be the normal every day back up we see here. and those damage reported though people say this was a very strong quake wex did get a report of a woman says a mirror fell and we got a call from a man in west oakland saying his 16-year-old was thrown across the room of his home because the quake saz waz so strong. abc 7 news. >> thank you and got it oo. and >> this afternoon's quake did not cause this reaction from school kids in san francisco william cobb elementary. students participated in a drill held today. the mayor ed lee joined students in diving under a desk. this is just for practice. and was the biggest earthquake drill held in california. and more than eight million people participated all over california. >> people felt that shaking across the bay area from east bay to san francisco and peninsula. and tracked earthquakes around the globe. seismologist dz not feel the quake inside of the labs but their equi
. those clergy told us they want to be lobbyists for poor and middle class. they follow the money and appropriately enough in this case, follow the golden cap. grown up into a wall street bull. a diverse coalition used the false idol to represent corporate greed taking the bull on a stroll with stops on what prot yofrts call biggest temp yelz of money making. >> we feel american institutions are more. >> and all of us together become a united community. >> religious leaders came in support of the protestors. not many came along on the march. >> i think it's wonderful. we need more stuff like this to connect with the community and this is especially positive people like this. >> the message is too much money is in their personal accounts. >> things become so out of balance. there needs to be a rebalancing. >> christians around the world sunday morning pray. ing forrive us our debt as weing forrive our debtors. that is the message people are seeking. >> we've come affirming our unity. >> across the street from bank of america spectators seemed entertained. >> do you think they have
&e to put profit as head of safety. >> they tell us they want to spend money and to do it the right way this, is the right way. if there is a recommendation follow the recommendation. now we're going to make sure they do. >> this assemblyman say they'll introduce legislation the first week of january. 1k3 they both say they do expect some opposition from pg&e. the company spokesperson however, told me that while it has not seen the language of the legislation generally the company supports any efforts to improve pipeline safety. >> and there are several agencies trying to find out why two trains collided in oakland last night injuring a dozen people. and it's back to normal now. and abc 7 joins frus jack london square with more. >> we did find out amtrak is working with the federal railroad administration but they won't give us much information about what happened. and now several local agencies did respond to the accident last night. and that is where we found answers. crews worked overnight repairing the track and platform so hardly any signs of the accident remained two trains did in fact
are regrouping outside after being forced out this week. abc 7 joins with us that part of the story. john? >> there is about 11 or 12 tents in front of oakland city hall. i talked to the mayor's staff member, her staff says she'll be down here and plans to address the crowd in the next few hours or so. now, there is a small presence here at least for the time being according to the mayor. the mayor saying 99% of our officers stayed professional during conversations implying a small amount did not. here now there are a few dozen, some were bailed out of jail and are vowing to stay here as long as possible. >> i'm still here, you know? i believe in this cause. and that is why i'm here, we're the people. you know? cops here to protect and serve, not fear and hurt, do you know what i'm saying? >> and the mayor says she plan tz monitor the investigations of what happened a few nights owingo. the mayor says she and the chief howard jordan do plan to meet with representatives of occupy oakland as soon as she can. and right now, in a few hours there is supposed to be a vigil for scott olsen, the
confronted by an armed man and fired. vic lee joins us now from the neighborhood. vick? >> this is the corner and the shooting rapped just about in the middle of the block. of the crime scene is sealed. you can see the tops of the blue tents and this shooting happened there. octavia bernard was saddened by the death. >> i wish he would have surrendered in safety instead of had to go out like this. >> those who live in the neighborhood were startled. >> kids are ready to go to school. we thought it's just going to be a normal day. >> a normal day in a tranquil neighborhood aptly called birdland. she and her neighbors felt secure cure knowing police were all around the neighborhood last night. and this morning at 7:30 she heard gunshots. >> it wasn't sure if it was gunshots. >> three deputies were at that time patrolling the block. the sheriff says they saw something move. >> the subject was crouched down behind a vehicle. our deputyies recognized the subject as our suspect. the deputy as tempted to make contact with the suspect. >> sheriff smith says the man was armed with a handgun. >> all th
system and reiterated something she'd told us. she's moving on. >> i'm not afraid anymore and i didn't run. for the rest of my life i'll know i did everything i could. >> the d.a.says he cannot prove a crime took place he called the behavior of the men involved rep hencible. >> this is a resolution to the case. it's not satisfactory. but sometimes there are bad thing that's happen for which there aren't a remedy in the criminal justice system. >> and his decision was the same as his predecessor, he says the review was thorough ask transparent. we've posted his four-page summarry on our coverage in this case at abc 7 >> thank you. >> and a multi agency under cover gang sweep has taken 100 suspects off the streets. the operation began when gilroy asked for help with a gang problem, that is where the state attorney general stepped in and announced results of the sweep this after the noon. there is 150 law enforcement made at rests. >> this collaboration represents the best of what we do when we have resources and will to target those who threaten the safety of our communities.
101 we do have a leading edge of the cold front through the north of us they're reporting gusty winds up to 25 miles per hour and some rain in the crescent city area there is a wider perspective of the storm this, is a powerful storm more like a winter storm that will drop snow levels into high count skpri will be dumping heavy rain here in the bay area and there is a i'll be back with timing in just a few minute autos race is on to clear up storm drains and get ready get leaves off the streets to be the next storm of the season. department of public works employees out in force today filling pot holes to minimize storm damage from ones that is on the way saying you can help by sweeping up lives in front of your house. >> it's important to clear the sidewalk and think it's safe for people to walk in adecision to keeping leaves from landing on storm drains in which case if it does it does cause flooding in the area. >> the city is making sandbags available for homeowners and low-lying wheerz want to protect their property. >> san jose police department is reeling from news a current of
for work and was told should stay put. >> and a lot of us are staying put this evening there is a live picture of homestead. the road is closed. no sign of the activity letting up any time soon. it's a wide spread effort and a fluid situation z one point we saw officers converging on a rest room in a park. guns drawn and looked in that area and didn't find anything. we've seen them looking through a school area and an alarm was going on. it's a highly fluid situation. and there at this point no sign of the suspect himself. and in couper teen yes abc 7 news. >> abc 7's wayne freedman is live at the cement plant where panic family rushed to find out about their loved ones. >> there is about 200 yards way there was a police line now moved back. we're told the investigation continues inside this, is where the major formal briefings have been held with the press. earlier today the sheriff spoke with reporters and told us details including police have surveillance video of the suspect leaving the gas station. we asked if there was a message for the suspect. if he's watching. >> if i can say
believe his moat dwroif kill his former friends involved drug autos either dealing or using with him. we have evidence that shows that he knew eric, that he communicated with eric. that they partied together. >> people who live near where the double murder happened say they're relieved that the case has been solved and the killers not on the loose. >> i know this situation more. it's not more, just people are getting shot. you know? >> police believe he only killed christina because she was eric's girlfriend. they say she was a victim of circumstances. >> and the hell's angel police say shot and killed a fellow biker may be dead. and investigateors revealed they dug up a grave to check. police looked for steven ruiz, the department concedes members may have taken matters into their own hands, investigators say ruiz gunned down a 52-year-old after a confrontation. investigators dug up pettigrew's grave to see whether ruiz had been killed and buried there. they dmot find him. >> occupy demonstrations are at an interesting cross roads tonight. authorities don't want to suppress free speech
. there is a windshield wiper day. you can see in san francisco. and sandhya patel joins with us what is showing up now. >> there is not a lot. radar is overshoofting most of the rainfall. we have had reports at host most loks here in the bay area. and there is light, spotty showers and drizzle. south bay now there is some wet pavement, fremont there are light showers and there is in the north we're seeing moisture redeveloping here near fort bragg. we're expecting rain to reach the bay area. i want to show you rainfall totals we have had so far. some helena just over half an inch. san francisco, 12/100ths. same thing for oakland international airport. get out towards livermore, while you may have seen damp pavement. not enough to measure, there are trace amounts in san jose. and there is where there are more showers coming. i'll tell but that and it will impact your morning commute. >> and demonstrators out across the bay area tonight and protests against corporate power and influence continued. and this is a live look at the scene now and this is just near city hall. the mayor declared her support th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21